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My Passion & My Work

Hey there and welcome to the Blueye Photography blog. My name is Troy and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer located in Austin Texas. I love making photos that are real... real moments, real smiles, real love. I'm not sure that I can put my photography style into a single category, but you can be sure that I'm looking for the best light and the most creative angles I can.

In my blog you'll find everything from sneak peeks of client sessions to personal information. My life is (almost) an open book and I like to share as much as I can. Most entries will include photos... this is a photographers blog after all. I also love feedback about my photography/posts/website/life so please comment as much as you like. I read them all and try to respond to each and every one.

After you've read through some posts and gotten to know a bit about me feel free to check out my portfolio site using the portfolio link above. The blog is updated more frequently than my site, but you won't want to miss checking out my portfolio either.

Thanks for stopping by.

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You can find, friend, and follow me on Facebook (therealtroy), Twitter (blueyephoto), (blueyeguy), and AIM (oversight7).  Yeah, social networking rocks!

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Category Archives: Portrait

Where does the time go?

It has been ages since I last posted (yeah, I’m a big slacker). Since I’m not taking bookings right now I’ve been spending a good amount of time photographing my son… he’s kind of irresistible :) Please forgive me and go visit our family blog to see more photos and videos of the little man.




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Big family = big fun!

When you are booked for an outdoor family session in the middle of the Texas summer you really hope 1. that it’s not going to be as hot as the weatherman predicts and 2. that your clients are fun, relaxed, and open to whatever you want to do. Well…I can’t say that it wasn’t hot yesterday morning (it did hit 103 later in the afternoon), but I definitely landed an awesome family that I had a blast hanging out with and getting to know. Big thanks to Kathie Tam from Pixie Dust Photography for coming out and helping me with the shoot.

Location: Laguna Gloria

Here they are… all 9 of them! Aren’t they a great looking family?

Give it up for the high five!


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The Savitsky Family

There are few sounds in the world as pleasant to hear than the sound of a baby laughing… and boy did we here a lot of that yesterday during the Savitsky family photo session. Baby Ian was a dream to work with and entertained us (and himself) the entire time we were there. He was smiling and laughing through the whole session and we got so many great photos of this awesome family. Thanks for having us out and enjoy the sneak peek guys!

love, Love, LOVE this one

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Family Session: The Obuchowskis

For the past few years I’ve been invited out to Katy and Ed’s house to photograph their awesome family… and each year their family grows.  This year was no exception as they welcomed their newest member, MJ, to the family in October. As an added bonus I got to meet Ed’s parents and catch up with his brother (we used to work together a few years ago).  Good times :)

I love that Sam knows how to throw up the Horns.

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Heather + Bob: eSession

This past Tuesday, on a sweltering summer evening, Melanie and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Heather and Bob for their eSession in downtown Austin. You might remember them from their family photos that we did a few weeks ago. Despite the heat we hit a few great locations downtown and captured some awesome photos of them. In less than 2 months they will be getting married in Prague! It’s totally going to rock… too bad I won’t be going with them :( On to the photos!

This was a new find… and I totally LOVE it!

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Heather, Bob, Cody, Lilly, and Cale

Every once in a while you meet a family that you just know is special. Yesterday Melanie and I had the pleasure of shooting one of those families. Heather and Bob are getting married in Prague in September (yes I would love to be shooting their wedding, but at least I get to do their engagements and Heather’s bridals before they go) and even though Heather isn’t an official member of the family you wouldn’t know it. They are all so welcoming and friendly and the kids are super well behaved. It was an awesome session and I’m totally looking forward to their engagement session in a couple of weeks.

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Leland, Nicole, and Nickolas

Yesterday Melanie and I headed out to Georgetown to photograph this wonderful family. Leland and I work together so it was a no brainer for me to go out and take some photos of his family. Nickolas just turned 3 so we were looking to capture him in all his 3 year old energetic glory… I think we did well :). Enjoy the sneak peek.

Nickolas is really into trains… here he’s giving me his best train sound… “woooo wooo”

A little beso for Mommy

*Love* doorway shots… yummy light

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Steph, Dave, and Alexandra

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I was on the fence about doing a regular miscellaneous Monday post or posting a sneak peek from Steph and Dave’s Saturday family session and, well, I just couldn’t wait another day to share these photos. Steph and Dave are wonderful friends of ours and I was very honored to do a session with them and their precious daughter Alexandra (I call her AJ). AJ is about as cute as they come and she gave us about 30 minutes of happiness before she had a meltdown and fell asleep, but that was all I needed (we worked quickly). Enjoy the photos.

For you photographers reading this the lighting was 80% window light (camera left) and 20% AB400 on it’s lowest setting with a softbox (camera right). I probably could have gotten away with using just window light, but wanted to fill in the shadows a bit. I love north facing windows!

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Jennifer’s Bridals

It’s the day after Jennifer and Lewis’ wedding which means…

1. I can finally blog Jennifer’s rockin’ bridals.
2. A preview of the wedding will be posted in a day or two.

We shot Jennifer’s bridal portraits a mere 2 weeks ago during fantastic weather at the Sail and Ski Yacht Club on Lake Travis.  Doesn’t Jen look amazing?!

For all you photographers out there, these photos were processed using the Totally Rad Action Mix from The Boutwells.  Simply put, they rock!

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Amy + Parker: the engagements

This past Friday Melanie and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Amy and Parker and shooting their engagement photos while they were in town for a friend’s wedding. They are living in Oklahoma City so being able to take advantage of them already being in town was important and, though I was worried that the weather wouldn’t cooperate, we had excellent weather (if a bit chilly) and managed to knock out our session in just over an hour. We shot at the Arboretum early in the morning and got some rocking photos! I’m definitely going to have to shoot there more often. Amy and Parker were a blast to hang out with… very accommodating to my requests and at ease in front of the camera. I’m definitely looking forward to their August wedding. Enjoy the preview guys. Look for a slideshow sometime in the near future when I get all of the photos processed.

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