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My Passion & My Work

Hey there and welcome to the Blueye Photography blog. My name is Troy and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer located in Austin Texas. I love making photos that are real... real moments, real smiles, real love. I'm not sure that I can put my photography style into a single category, but you can be sure that I'm looking for the best light and the most creative angles I can.

In my blog you'll find everything from sneak peeks of client sessions to personal information. My life is (almost) an open book and I like to share as much as I can. Most entries will include photos... this is a photographers blog after all. I also love feedback about my photography/posts/website/life so please comment as much as you like. I read them all and try to respond to each and every one.

After you've read through some posts and gotten to know a bit about me feel free to check out my portfolio site using the portfolio link above. The blog is updated more frequently than my site, but you won't want to miss checking out my portfolio either.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Monthly Archives: August 2008

I am…

I have a huge list of photographer’s blogs that I watch and this list popped up on the Perez Photography blog today and I thought it would make for a great post tonight.

I AM … a proud American.
I WANT… to feel secure in my future.
I HAVE … the most loving, caring, and supportive family.
I KEEP… underestimating the strength of others.
I WISH I COULD … have more faith.
I RARELY … watch the sun set.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … sappy movies and I’ve had a bad day.
I AM NOT ALWAYS … rational.
I HATE THAT … I care so much what others think of me.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … where I want my career to lead me.
I NEED … to clean my office more often.
I SHOULD … definitely get more sleep.

And what good is a blog post without photos? Here are a couple of photos from Amy’s bridal session.

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Miscellaneous Monday #24

If you have a Facebook account look me up and add me as a friend.
Watching Michelle Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention has made me realize that I need to really start paying attention to the candidates now. Up until now it’s been a bunch of noise, but it’s time to listen to what the candidates are saying. I voted for Hillary in the primaries. I’m still unsure about Barak’s inexperience. He certainly has passion, but is that enough?
Anyone else having Olympics withdrawal? For the past 2 weeks I’ve watched approximately 2 hours of sports each day and now there is a void. I’m eagerly awaiting the start of college football season.
Speaking of college football, I believe it’s time for me to pick up a new hat (in brown this time).
I’ve been using a Mac now for over a year and I’ve finally convinced Melanie that it’s time to make the switch too. Her computer is about 6 years old now and while working on photos in Lightroom last night on her computer she got fed up. It’s just too slow. I did a little happy dance when she said those words… “if a Mac will work faster then get me one” :-)
I will definitely be getting more sleep tonight. I didn’t get enough sleep this weekend and it caught up with me. I need to change my sleeping patterns for the better.

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Amy + Parker: the wedding

So today I’m going to put aside my semi-normal random Monday thoughts in favor of something better… photos!

Saturday Laura and I shot Amy and Parker’s wedding at the Lakeway Church and Lakeway Resort and Spa. The weather didn’t really cooperate with us, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. The guys started off the day with a scramble golf tournament followed by some fun in the pool (while the sun was still out). The girls hung out at the resort and relaxed while getting their hair and makeup done. We had a great time documenting this event for a wonderful couple. Congratulations guys!

Here’s a quick list of the vendors and then on to the photos…
Church: Lakeway Church
Reception venue: Lakeway Resort and Spa
Flowers: Bouquets of Austin
Cakes: Michelle’s Patisserie
Band: The Atlantics

(15 more photos after the jump)

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I’ve been a bad blogger lately and I apologize. Things have been very busy lately and I just haven’t had time to post anything to the blog. So to break the drought I wanted to post a few photos from Amy and Parker’s rehearsal tonight. I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding tomorrow and need to go finish preparing. Look for another blog post on Sunday.

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The blogosphere has erupted today with posts heralding the beginning of the Beijing Olympics and an acknowledgment of a momentous date: August 8th, 2008… aka 08.08.08. It’s pretty significant… ranking right up there with the 07.07.07 from last year. We’ll have 4 more opportunities to witness these symmetric dates in our lifetime and then they will be gone for another 988 years: 09.09.09, 10.10.10, 11.11.11, and 12.12.12 (I doubt we’ll refer to 2101 as 01).

In any event I hope today’s date was lucky for you and your family. Today marks my father-in-law’s birthday and my wife’s grandfather’s birthday… pretty amazing coincidence. Happy Birthday guys!!

Another birthday that I need to mention is my brother’s. He turned 27 yesterday and will be celebrating his birthday at the Eagles/Steelers game on September 21st thanks to his awesome brother (thank you, thank you :) ). Happy Birthday Kevin!!

And, in my life on this momentously lucky day what happened to me? My computer crashed at work. This is why I hate Windows…

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Me and J*

Seeing David Jay and Jasmine Star a few nights ago I just couldn’t leave the place without getting a snap of me and J*. Thank (insert your supreme being of choice here) that someone had a point and shoot with them.

(this shot was treated with a bit of Totally Rad Actions Pool Party… congrats to the Boutwells for nabbing Actions of the Year from the Blu Blog)

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