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My Passion & My Work

Hey there and welcome to the Blueye Photography blog. My name is Troy and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer located in Austin Texas. I love making photos that are real... real moments, real smiles, real love. I'm not sure that I can put my photography style into a single category, but you can be sure that I'm looking for the best light and the most creative angles I can.

In my blog you'll find everything from sneak peeks of client sessions to personal information. My life is (almost) an open book and I like to share as much as I can. Most entries will include photos... this is a photographers blog after all. I also love feedback about my photography/posts/website/life so please comment as much as you like. I read them all and try to respond to each and every one.

After you've read through some posts and gotten to know a bit about me feel free to check out my portfolio site using the portfolio link above. The blog is updated more frequently than my site, but you won't want to miss checking out my portfolio either.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Monthly Archives: May 2008

New look for the blog

Yeah, I know… you’re probably asking “Didn’t you just update the look of the blog like 2 months ago?”. The answer is yes, but over the past 2 months I’ve run into problems and things that I didn’t like about the old template. The worst issue was the pages just didn’t layout properly in IE 6 (40% of my visitors who use IE are still using version 6)… secondary to that I wanted to be able to share larger photos and I wanted an easy to update flash header to share more photos with y’all. Soooo… what you are seeing is the result. I’m really digging it. The look is clean and very easy for me to maintain.

So what do you think? Post a comment and let me know.

What’s a post without any photos? Here are a few snapshots I took while Melanie’s parents were in town. We took them out to see the Lakeway Resort last Tuesday evening at sunset.

Melanie and her Mom and Dad
Melanie and her Mom and Dad

A picture of the picture taker… Melanie’s Mom taking a picture of us and Melanie’s Dad enjoying the peacefulness of the lake
Melanie\'s Mom taking a picture of us and Melanie\'s Dad enjoying the peacefulness of the lake

A self portrait… we haven’t done one of these in a while.
A self portrait... we haven\'t done one of these in a while.


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Steph, Dave, and Alexandra

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I was on the fence about doing a regular miscellaneous Monday post or posting a sneak peek from Steph and Dave’s Saturday family session and, well, I just couldn’t wait another day to share these photos. Steph and Dave are wonderful friends of ours and I was very honored to do a session with them and their precious daughter Alexandra (I call her AJ). AJ is about as cute as they come and she gave us about 30 minutes of happiness before she had a meltdown and fell asleep, but that was all I needed (we worked quickly). Enjoy the photos.

For you photographers reading this the lighting was 80% window light (camera left) and 20% AB400 on it’s lowest setting with a softbox (camera right). I probably could have gotten away with using just window light, but wanted to fill in the shadows a bit. I love north facing windows!

(6 more photos after the jump)

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Jen + Lewis: the wedding

Brace yourselves oh faithful blog readers… I’m about to set a personal record for number of photos included in a single post. This past Saturday Laura and I had the wonderful pleasure of being part of Jennifer and Lewis’ wedding day and what a wedding day they had. The ceremony and reception were held at the always stunning Lakeway Resort and Spa, but Jennifer really outdid herself with all of the details taking the Vistas Ballroom from wow to DAAAAANG. She had a beach/water theme so everything played a roll in the theme… from the sand put down in the aisle to the tanks with starfish in them at the head table to the flowing water lighting on the walls to the beta fish hanging in bowls from beams above the tables. It really was an amazing event and I’m excited to share this preview with y’all. Congratulations guys and we hope you are having a great time on your honeymoon!

Venue: Lakeway Resort and Spa
Coordinator: Claire Kelly from Soiree Event Production
Flowers: Petal Pushers
Hair and Makeup: Rochelle Rae
Cakes: Wildflower Bakery
DJ: Johnny Robinson from Complete Music
Lighting: Ilios Lighting
Decorations: Wendee Robbins from Lucie’s Weddings & Events and Townsley Design
Linens: Marquee Rents

Rochelle in the beginning stages of styling Jennifer’s hair.

(25 more photos after the jump… seriously)

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Miscellaneous Monday #16

I don’t have many witty or random things to post about today so I’m going to post a few funny photos of me from this Saturday’s wedding and plug a cool local company who will bring a digital photo booth to your reception for everyone to have a great time. Party Booth Pix is the name of the company and though their website is on the photos themselves it doesn’t appear to be working so I dug up some information from the Austin Wedding Guide about them:

Our photo booths have the latest digital and flash technology and will make your wedding unforgettable. You’ll love seeing the reaction of your guests, and the spontaneous poses are priceless.

Unlimited and free for guests, select B&W or color on the touch screen, and the six-pose prints are processed within 15 seconds


The guests had a blast at Jennifer and Lewis’ reception taking funny photos of themselves and making congratulations cards for the newlyweds.

Enjoy this series of me being goofy in the booth. Check back tomorrow for a sneak peek from the wedding.


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Happy Anniversary, Beautiful!

It’s hard to believe that 6 years have gone by so quickly. Even though we’ve been together for many years more than we’ve been married, each day is more special than the previous.  Happy anniversary Melanie!


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Jennifer’s Bridals

It’s the day after Jennifer and Lewis’ wedding which means…

1. I can finally blog Jennifer’s rockin’ bridals.
2. A preview of the wedding will be posted in a day or two.

We shot Jennifer’s bridal portraits a mere 2 weeks ago during fantastic weather at the Sail and Ski Yacht Club on Lake Travis.  Doesn’t Jen look amazing?!

For all you photographers out there, these photos were processed using the Totally Rad Action Mix from The Boutwells.  Simply put, they rock!

(7 more photos after the jump)

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Whoa… it’s Wednesday

Where did my week go?  I was all prepared to do a miscellaneous Monday post and realized it’s Wednesday.  This week is flying.  Soooo… what shall we call this entry?

Wacky Wednesday?

Working Hard Wednesday?

Worthless Wednesday? (that’s how I feel today)

I’m going to go with Wacky Wednesday… because our weather tonight is ridiculous.  For about 45 minutes we were under a tornado warning (first time in the 8 years we’ve lived in Austin that that has happened).  Luckily we were spared the tornado and the golf ball sized hail *whew*.  Check out this radar picture… this was well after the warning had expired.  We’re in for some more fun tonight.


A few other random things before I sign off for the night… Melanie and I saw a couple of movies this past weekend that we’d recommend.  Iron Man was very entertaining and Forgetting Sarah Marshall was hilarious (though it had a bit too much full frontal male nudity for my taste).  Check them out if you are in the mood for a couple of popcorn movies.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Mom–
I know that I don’t call as often as I should, or write as much, but I do think of you often… and it’s really hard not to. You’ve had such an impact on who I am today and I thank the Lord for you on almost a daily basis. In honor of your day I put together a (seemingly) random list of things that I love about you:

1. Your laugh
2. Your welcoming hugs
3. Your chocolate chip cookies :-)
4. Your strength
5. Your modesty
6. Your love of riding roller coasters
7. Your generosity
Happy Mother’s Day Mom… I love you!




To all you moms out there, have a wonderful day! Thank you for everything you do in your children’s lives.

PS. I can’t forget about my other Mom… thank you for everything you’ve done to raise a beautiful, intelligent, and loving daughter.  Love you too!


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Drop the forks and let’s go!

I just read this post on the Rocktographers Blog and HAD to share… not wanted to, HAD to.  If you are getting married in the near future please please please keep this in mind.  Great light is what we photographers search for and when we ask you to step outside of your reception for 15-20 minutes we’re doing it because we know you want great photos of you and your new spouse and we know we have an opportunity to wow you.

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Just because

I love that reason.

“Why did you get me flowers?”

“What’s the special occasion?”

“Why are we taking Bella to the park today?  It’s only Tuesday”

Just because.

We don’t always need a reason to do something nice for others.  So do something out of the kindness of your heart and tell the recipient of your good deed that you did it just because…

Here’s a fun photo of me that Melissa Miller took during Stephanie and Junior’s wedding a week and a half ago.


I forgot to add to yesterday’s post that I skipped running yesterday to finish up Jennifer’s bridal proofs.  I’d love to share them, but I’ll have to wait until after her wedding on the 17th.  I did run tonight and managed a 12:25 mile… I was poised to clock my best time, but then I got a cramp in my side and had to slow down.  That’s what I get for skipping running for 4 days.

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